• Jan 10, 2014
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5 Ideas for Transforming an Old Piece of Furniture with Paint

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It’s a new year and time for a new look. But, you also want to watch your budget.  Time to go shopping in your basement or attic! There could be a treasure just waiting to be discovered. That old dresser can be transformed into your favorite piece. In case you are having trouble imagining the possibilities. Here are some easy to replicate inspiring dressers to get your creative juices flowing.

1. Go Bold! If you’ve got a piece that has a great shape and you’d like to add some color to your room, pick a bold paint color and go for it. Add some new hardware and you have a new statement piece. And a bonus – added storage space!

painted furniture

2. Add a little whimsy with dots. Whether it’s basic black and white or your favorite color, dots are easy to achieve. For more uniform dots, try using a stencil. Or just free hand them with a paint brush for a more abstract look.

painted furniture

3. Add delicate vines and leaves with a stencil. After painting or staining your piece the color of your choice, add some pretty detail by stenciling vines, leaves or flowers.

painted furniture

4. Grab the painters tape and a level and create some stripes. Stripes can be pretty and feminine like the pastel pink ones here or bold and sophisticated. Just take your time to make sure you get those lines straight and you’ll be amazed by the transformation.

painted furniture

5. A weathered look goes well with country or rustic styles and is probably the most fool-proof option for a DIY dresser makeover. Brush strokes and imperfections are a must. If you find you’re a little too good at painting, try a little sand paper after the paint dries to mimic the aging.

painted furniture

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