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Picking out the perfect hardwood flooring, as it turns out, can be a pretty straightforward process. However, the next step is where things can sometimes get complicated. In fact, the future of your new floor might depend on it. Installing your new hardwood flooring is typically a process that’s best left up to the professionals, and ensuring your floor is installed correctly is one of the best decisions you could make.

At Ruggs Benedict Carpet One Floor & Home in Avon, we want you love your new hardwood floor for many, many years to come. With years of collective experience under their belts, our hardwood flooring installation experts offer up some of the most trusted services available in the region. We’ve been a steady fixture in the greater Vail Valley since 1971 and our promise to you is that we will always treat every home as if it were our own. With our impressive product and service warranties to complete each package, we vow to complete every professional hardwood flooring installation - large or small - with utmost conscientiousness and care.

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Hardwood Installation Overview

Precision and accuracy are the name of the game when it comes to a successful hardwood flooring installation. There’s ensuring your measurements are taken with extreme care, and then there’s the subfloor prepping process. From there, base boards must be delicately trimmed, before the planks can be set into place. Does this sound confusing? It can be- especially for those who are novices.

When to Call in the Professionals

While many of us might be tempted to attempt a self-install, it’s important to look before you leap. For those who aren’t used to construction projects, there can be a high margin for error. If installed incorrectly, your carefully chosen hardwood flooring could wear out before its time, or sustain permanent damages.  Often times, such damages aren’t covered under your product warranty, since a professional installation is mandated.

Your Local Hardwood Floor Installation Experts

Are you interested in scheduling a visit from our installation team? Or, perhaps you’d like to chat with one of our experts before making a commitment? Our experts have years and years of industry experience, and are trained to work with all of the latest flooring products and techniques. We are fully bonded and we have the tools and know-how to complete every project in a prompt and caring manner, allowing you to start enjoying your beautiful new hardwood floor as soon as possible.

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Hardwood flooring features unique characteristics that other flooring simply cannot replicate. Open up your bedroom and add a sense of warmth with hardwood flooring. An added benefit of hardwood is that it is an allergy friendly option.

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Living Rooms

Living room flooring should be durable as well as beautiful. Choose an engineered hardwood floor for your living room if you frequently entertain guests, or have children and pets living in your home. Hardwood not only adds value but also creates a talking point for your guests.

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