Ruggs Benedict Stock Hardwood

At Ruggs Benedict, we understand the importance of value AND convenience.  That's why we stock a variety of styles of broadloom carpet and hardwood flooring right in our showroom.  That means no waiting around for your new flooring to be delivered, and a superb value that can't be matched anywhere else in the Valley (pricing excludes installation costs).  Stop by our showroom to check out our exceptional selection of in-stock hardwood flooring!

Builder Oak-American $3.00 sq.ft. 

Carriage House Cinnamon-Brazilian Cherry $5.89 sq.ft. 

Chesapeake Hickory Plank $3.98 sq.ft. 

Douglas Fir Circle Sawn w/o Stain $5.00 sq.ft. 

Flintlock 7" Handscraped Hickory $9.99 sq.ft. 

Handscraped 7" Rich Coffee Hickory $9.99 sq.ft. 

Handscraped Natural Hickory $5.99 sq.ft. 

Hickory Animoso $3.96 sq.ft. 

Antique 6" Engineered Hickory $10.35 

Hickory-Bronze $10.35 sq.ft. 

Hickory Sunset 6" Engineered $10.35 sq.ft. 

Honey Spice Hickory $5.59 sq.ft. 

Maple Coffee 5" W Handscraped, Engineered $5.95 sq.ft. 

Maple Whiskey 5" W Handscraped, Engineered $5.95 sq.ft. 

Montana Plank 5" W Butternut Engineered $6.95 sq.ft. 

Montana Plank 5" W Gunstock Engineered $6.95 sq.ft. 

Montana Plank Whiskey Hickory $6.49 sq.ft. 

Pebble Hill Hickory-Weathered Saddle $5.75 sq.ft. 

Buy your new hardwood flooring today, and we can install it tomorrow!