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Vinyl flooring in living room with couch, chair, and coffee table

Luxury Vinyl Flooring in Avon, CO

Discover the allure of luxury vinyl flooring at Ruggs Benedict Carpet One Floor & Home in Avon, CO. Indulge in the captivating realism of our vinyl floors, meticulously crafted to replicate the authentic textures of natural materials. Elevate your space with a waterproof core, seamlessly merging aesthetic appeal and practicality. Our extensive collection encompasses a spectrum of styles, from the timeless warmth of natural wood to contemporary, minimalist designs. Transform your home or business easily, as our premium vinyl flooring awaits installation in our comprehensive in-stock inventory. Choose sophistication, durability, and style – experience the epitome of luxury vinyl flooring in Avon, CO.


Choosing the Right Luxury Vinyl Flooring For Your Space

In Avon, CO, the popularity of luxury vinyl has surged, captivating a growing number of customers. This resilient flooring material is favored for its adaptability to various interior design styles, seamlessly marrying strength and beauty. Luxury vinyl flooring excels in any room, including bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, or bedrooms. Crafted in enduring planks or tiles, luxury vinyl comes in two main forms: luxury vinyl planks and luxury vinyl tile. Learn more about each type:


Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring:


Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring:


Discover the Advantages of Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Elevate your Avon residence with the timeless appeal of luxury vinyl flooring. Join many homeowners in crafting impeccably designed spaces within a budget-friendly framework. Luxury vinyl floors offer unparalleled quality without compromise. Opt for esteemed vinyl brands to ensure enduring satisfaction as you indulge in the numerous benefits of vinyl flooring:



Where Can Luxury Vinyl Flooring Be Installed?

Luxury vinyl flooring stands out for its remarkable versatility, making it a fantastic choice for many spaces. Consider installing luxury vinyl floors in various settings, including:



No matter where you choose to install it, luxury vinyl flooring offers the perfect blend of style and durability for your needs.


Top 3 FAQs About Luxury Vinyl Flooring in Avon, CO

Q: Is Luxury Vinyl Flooring Waterproof?

A: Luxury vinyl flooring is inherently waterproof, making it an excellent choice for areas prone to spills and moisture. Its water-resistant properties provide durability and ease of maintenance, making it ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, and other high-traffic spaces.


Q: How Does Luxury Vinyl Flooring Compare to Hardwood?

A: Luxury vinyl flooring closely replicates the look and feel of hardwood but offers added benefits. It is more resilient to water damage, scratches, and stains. Additionally, luxury vinyl is often more cost-effective than hardwood, providing a practical and stylish alternative without compromising on aesthetics.


Q: Can Luxury Vinyl Flooring Be Installed Over Existing Floors?

A: In many cases, yes. Luxury vinyl flooring is versatile and can be installed over various existing flooring surfaces, including tile, hardwood, and concrete. However, proper preparation and subfloor assessment are crucial for a successful installation. Consulting with our experts ensures a seamless and durable outcome tailored to your specific needs in Avon, CO.


Browse Our Luxury Vinyl Selection

At Ruggs Benedict Carpet One Floor & Home in Avon, we’re constantly adding to our vinyl flooring inventory. There’s truly a vinyl for everyone, whether your style is Old World or Post Modern. You’ll find all your favorite brands in our showroom, in addition to high-quality Carpet One exclusives: products you won’t find anywhere else. We proudly serve Avon, Aspen, and the Vail Valley areas, offering unique benefits like our Beautiful Guarantee, FREE project estimates, and expert flooring designers. Stop by our showroom today or shop our luxury vinyl collection online now.

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