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Ruggs Benedict Stock Carpet

Ruggs Benedict Stock Carpet


At Ruggs Benedict, we understand the importance of value AND convenience.  That's why we stock a variety of styles of broadloom carpet and hardwood flooring right in our showroom.  That means no waiting around for your new flooring to be delivered, and a superb value that can't be matched anywhere else in the Valley (pricing excludes installation costs).  Stop by our showroom to check out our exceptional selection of in-stock broadloom carpet! Proudly serving the Avon, Aspen, and the Vail Valley areas.



Albany in the color Sand Castle $3.98 sq.ft. 

Alia in the colors Fawn Mist or Paper Bag $1.08 sq.ft. 

BahBah in the color Bamboo $3.04 sq.ft. 

Beautiful Dream in the color Oat Cake $3.35 sq.ft. 

Bond Street in the colors Mustang or Sand $5.24 sq.ft. 

Cabarita in the color Cashmere $2.27 sq.ft. 

Carla in the color Wicker $2.27 sq.ft. 

Chaparral in the color Mountain Lion $2.89 sq.ft. 

Cherry Blossom in the color Bandolier $1.59 sq.ft. 

Cobble Road in the color Fresh Straw $4.59 sq.ft. 

Devenish in the color Chester Brown $2.96 sq.ft. 

Donnington in the colors Banfield, Berkshire, Newbury, or Spicey Chai $4.29 

Dream State in the color Butterscotch $4.96 sq.ft. 

Fifth Avenue in the colors Mustang or Sand $5.24 sq.ft. 

Fort Knox in the colors Cobblestone or Dusty Trail $1.49 sq.ft. 

Fox Run in the color Linen Cloth $1.25 sq.ft. 

Fresno in the color Straw $3.29 sq.ft. 

Glen Abbey in the color Sudan $3.49 sq.ft. 

Good Times in the color Summer Corn $0.89 sq.ft. 

Hacienda in the color Rattan $2.98 sq.ft. 

Harbour Texture in the color Husk $3.49 sq.ft. 

Here Comes the Sun in the colors Desert Dust or Wood Thrush $2.49 sq.ft. 

Hilton in the colors Chestnut or Caramel II $3.79 sq.ft. 

Intriga II in the color Bronze $2.49 sq.ft. 

Katonah in the colors Beige or Brown $2.69 sq.ft. 

Kensington in the color Taupe $2.69 sq.ft. 

Kingsley in the color Taupe $2.69 sq.ft. 

Maxfield in the colors Cinnamon Twist or Saddle Soap $0.96 sq.ft. 

Melrose in the color Ecru $3.39 sq.ft. 

Metallic Impressions in the color Copper $7.77 sq.ft. 

Natural Fashion in the colors Almond or Maple $3.59 sq.ft. 

Nature's Harmony in the colors Aberdeen and Irish Coffee $2.49 sq.ft. 

Needlepoint in the color Poppyseed $4.75 sq.ft. 

North Creek in the color King's Canyon $0.99 sq.ft. 

Nuance in the color Oat Straw/Wheat $4.69 sq.ft. 

Piqua in the color Battleship $1.41 sq.ft. 

Plaza in the color Vanilla $2.99 sq.ft. 

Reprise in the colors Biscuit or Newport Sand $3.35 sq ft. 

Sail On in the colors Almond or Sepia $3.08 sq.ft. 

Scanlan in the colors Domino, Palimino, or Rover $2.75 sq.ft. 

Sisal Weave in the colors Driftwood or Chocolate $3.79 sq.ft. 

Verde in the color Drifting Dunes $2.19 sq.ft. 

Waffle in the color Rye $3.55 sq.ft. 

Wolcott in the color Camel $1.49 sq.ft. 

Buy your new carpet today, and we can install it tomorrow!

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